Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why should German cars and suv's be banned in India ?

Let’s start with the fact that India is a developing nation where millions live in abject poverty. India's GDP might have risen greatly over the past few decades and average wealth of an Indian might have increased 3.5 times, but that doesn't make India a rich country.
70% of Indian population lives in rural areas and out of the remaining living in Urban India 17% live in a slum. That amounts to a humongous 68 million; which is even bigger than entire populations of many European countries.
Now let’s look at hunger statistics (
India is home to the largest undernourished and hungry population in the world
1/6th of our population is undernourished
190 million people go hungry every day.
Can we still say that India is a rich country or on its way to becoming one and that our population is our asset? Can hungry/malnourished people ever be an asset to any nation?
Thus, India is largely poor even if it might have achieved tremendous strides on technology, education, and business fronts.
Now let’s come to the point. With the dawn of new economy, many Indians are now able to afford the luxury, that was earlier only domain of the uber rich & famous. India’s luxury car market has risen more than 10 times over the past decade. And so has spate of high speed drunk driving, hit and run cases increased. And in a country like INDIA with high corruption Index, most of these fat (rich) beasts succeed in delaying the trial by months even years and finally reducing their sentences largely.
Following are a brief timeline of hit and run cases of a nation aspiring to be an economic superpower:
1999: The first time I heard of a BMW hit and run. That time India was beginning to taste luxury car market and a BMW car used to be talk of the town.This case of ****** Sanjeev Nanda studying in USA happened to be on vacation in Delhi. Son of a Bitch after a late night binge with friends and driving home ran over a police picket. The impact was so severe that body parts of many policemen were strewn on the streets. Rascal Nanda got out of the car and instead of showing any compassion to few survivors at the gory scene fled the spot and later washed the car of blood stains.  14 years of trial and walks a free man with just 2 years in jail making a mockery of the Indian judiciary. What a terrible insult on injury for the families of victims.
Sanjeev Nanda (BMW Hit & Run)
Sanjeev Nanda (BMW Hit & Run)
2002: The most high profile of all, Bollywood /movie star Salman Khan, mows down 5 people at Bandra, Mumbai. After years of trial was acquitted by Bombay High Court in 2015. Subsequently the acquittal challenged by the state govt. and now the case is in Supreme Court of India.
2006: Alistair Pereira runs over his SUV on 15 construction workers sleeping on a pavement at Carter road, Mumbai and kills 7 of them. Walks away with just 3 years imprisonment. 
2015: Janhavi Audi crash. This is the case of a female corporate lawyeGadkar working as legal Vice-President of Reliance Industries (one of India’s largest corporations). Bitch after getting drunk 3 times the permissible limit at a corporate party; hit the road in her brand new Audi car and kept driving on the wrong side at high speed with blaring music. Until she rammed into a small Alto car with a family inside who were returning after a little celebration for their son scoring 90% in college exams. 2 members and the driver were killed. The high profile corporate bitch robbed a family of their genuine little joy. While the Alto car was reduced to a pulp, the evil Bitch was safely cocooned inside the airbag of Audi, absolutely unscathed. Here’s photograph from the crash site.

Similarities in all the four cases cited above are all these culprits were on the wheels of luxury cars/SUVs after getting drunk at late night parties.
In a country still reeling under a spell of overpopulation, poverty, crime and hunger; luxury cars and SUVs are a mega mockery. Those ignorant, foolish Indians who ogle at these ugly luxury toys plying the streets, while taking pride that India is on the road to greater prosperity should do a reality check instead. Those days of my childhood when the only car on the streets were the legendary Ambassador  or Maruti 800 such incidents were unheard of.
So are these Cars to be blamed? The answer is a big NO. Rather weak judiciary delivering near to nonexistent justice, Indian infrastructure and government’s failure in checking exploding population growth (resulting in unspeakable poverty and homelessness).
Lastly, these Luxury cars are a grim reflection of rich-poor divide which is ever widening D:<