Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marriage: A looming threat to planetary well being.

Let's start by saying that this institution of marriage has turned into a nonsensical farce. It might not have been a hundred or thousand years back but today it definitely is.
Before we delve any further we need to have a closer look at human evolution and at which point did this social farce creep in.
As we all know that humans evolved from apes approximately 2.8 million years ago and spread throughout Asia & Europe around 1.3 million years ago. All these years humans had been hunter/food gatherers, in which males got sex from females in exchange for food and the kids were tended by the mother solely. Polygamy without any commitment was the order of the day in those times. But with the invention of agriculture some 10,000 years back, humans started settling down into small agrarian communities.
This heralded a new era in human evolution as it gave birth to culture, religion, arts and sciences of various kinds. Thus ownership of land, property and families began.  As society evolved, institution of marriage was established to ensure smooth governance of families. By and large it was invented to regulate primeval sexual instincts in man woman relationship into a social order for common good. Still the underlying reasons were the same SEX and FOOD.       
But over the past hundred years drastic changes have occurred in technological, social and environmental fronts which have rendered marriage largely unnecessary and in some cases disastrous!
Unnecessary because women have grown economically independent of men and feminist movements have been generated to establish women rights. This has only bloated female ego resulting in ego clashes inside household, ultimately ending in divorce.  Divorce has meant double tragedy for man because he parts with his property as well as kids.
Feminism has meant humongous social tragedy because kids from single parent households as have become a norm in US and now gaining momentum in India, grow up into emotionally unstable insecure adults. Need I say the most infamous serial killers came from single parent households.
Apart from social aspects, let’s focus on environmental impact of marriage. From an Indian context I may humbly say that marriage is posing a major catastrophe for survival of our planet, even greater than nuclear armament or world war. It’s easy to figure out why. Answer is OVERPOPULATION(check my article here:  In India being single is a social taboo and marriage is a compulsion of sorts. And the moment marriage happens, instant countdown for reproducing kids begin.  Adding fuel to this outdated social custom is fetish for a male child which ultimately leads to numerous child births until the birth of a male child. Most people including the learned, aware masses take great joy in all this farce without taking cognizance of the threat overpopulation is posing to the planet.
In a country like India where people are swarming like insects everywhere, marriage is bound to be rebuked by the thinking people. With population increasing at galloping speed, a major tragedy is underway in few years, when nature would cull half the masses by unpleasant means...
So no marriage means no compulsion to have kids which is also good for the planet. Thus we may safely conclude that marriage can be done away with for common good as it has lost its purpose.