Thursday, April 14, 2016

Myopic Humans!

Short sightedness.
Myopic Humans
Let’s confess that we humans are very myopic. Our everyday activities are indicative of this myopia. We have evolved into such a demoniac species who have devoured the planet - wildlife, trees, rivers- and just everything under the sun. We just fail to see that all life is interconnected and we just can’t afford to isolate ourselves and live well.
But unfortunately that’s the way we have turned out to be. Most of our institutions including business, education, religion and customs are all human centered with scant regards for their planetary repercussions. Most scary example would be that of stock markets. Jesus! If our planet is destined to be doomed, these evil institutions are at the forefront. They fuel insatiable greed for profits at any cost. The planet and people go to hell.
By the way what these profits are? They are a mere man-made definition of wealth generation by exploitation. Exploitation of resources, people and everything. By ravaging the planet are we generating wealth or creating mass poverty with few deep pockets of wealth. This is resulting in poverty induced terrorism, social unrest, and pollution induced natural calamities. But our myopia is preventing us to see the larger picture.
Now let’s come to social myopia. We humans have infested this planet while on the other hand thousands of species have and are going extinct every second. Damn it!! We are more than 7 billion and still counting at an ever increasing speed.( Was I wrong in saying that we have infested this planet like maggots? In India which is on its way of becoming the post populous country, marriage is almost a compulsory social norm. And if someone stays single everyone around him/her worries if people don’t marry what would happen to human race? Jesus Holy Christ!! This is myopia in its extreme. These fools simply don’t acknowledge that surge in human population and their activities have resulted in extinction of innumerable species and vast swathes of forests.
I will end this with pessimistic prediction, that we won’t take back foot or reverse our gear. Finally, mother nature would balance things out through a major cataclysm. This won’t be pleasant for sure but most of the myopic population would be extinct with their eyes wide open!!