Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Menace of Over Population

Menace of over population has always bothered me. On top of that religious encouragement by preaching children are gifts and messengers of a holy god, that population control is a sin plus government inaction irks me a lot.

The statistics are alarming. In just 200 Years there has been a phenomenal increase in population from 1 Billion in Year 1801 to more than 7 Billion in 2011. If that is not serious enough to ring alarm bells, then we are into some deep and very serious trouble!
Governments and Religious institutions have their agenda to propagate if the earth is over populated.

Lets have a closer look:

RELIGION: Now this is the greatest shit of all time. As man evolved from being a hunter gatherer to a social animal with the invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago, he started settling down. This gave birth to the monster of ORGANISED religion. Stray practices that had always existed dating back to the lower paleolithic era of archaic homo sapiens started getting more organised and monstrous since within last 5000 years. Religious scripts from Egyptian pyramids are among the oldest ones discovered dating back to 2400 BCE.

All said, each religion competes with the other for world domination with population expansion of their stupid  followers. There are 2 ways to accomplish this 1) Conversion 2) Procreation.
ISLAM follows the 2nd approach mostly and the former through brute force (at least a few hundred years ago in India/Asia) and CHRISTIANITY is more into conversion through financial incentives and also to an extent uses the 2nd approach.
But both are against birth control. I remember a funny statement of the Pope sometime back during his visit to South Africa that Condoms are the real reasons for AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Can a man sound more hilarious and stupid??

Surprisingly the second most populated country India where I reside is a predominantly HINDU nation but Indians just love procreating at the slightest sexual recreation.Here HUMANS breed like MOSQUITOES. People swarm everywhere in this densely populated country.                                         

Fertility rate world map (Source: Wikipedia):

GOVERNMENTS: Agenda is simple and short. More number of people meaning more poverty and illiteracy in third world. This would perpetuate more of social strife creating a fertile ground for politicians to deceive masses and earning votes would be much easy and cheap.(Sad that electoral politics is succeeding in a prosperous country like America and  that explains why  an environmentalist like Al Gore lost to a rogue oil tycoon Bush).

Corruption index in densely populated countries barring very few exception(Source: Wikipedia):

MEDICAL SCIENCE: It's simple to understand that advancements in medical sciences along with being a BOON are also proving a BANE for mankind by completely eradicating many epidemics/pandemics that used to get rid of millions annually and increasing life expectancy at the same time. This is the greatest irony of recent times. Thus proving to be a contributor to endemic population growth.

Now lets face some hard facts and still if this is not alarming enough we as a species are doomed in deep filth:

Projections of population growth by 2050 is 9 billion while some estimates indicate it could touch 12 billion! Currently its growing at 74 million per year! India is major culprit being a major contributor along with few other African and Latin american nations. The parody is the whole nation was celebrating with pride recently that the 7Th Billion child was born in India while I was feeling ashamed. This I would say is national BUFFOONERY!!

Living in a highly overpopulated country like INDIA, I cringe at the sight of overcrowded trains and buses. There's a long queue everywhere one goes. People people and people! Its a ocean of people here. Human life is so cheap now a days that I hardly find any difference between people swarming in a busy market or flies buzzing over a dump yard. I have seen people falling on tracks from running trains in MUMBAI because of fights jostling for space in seriously overcrowded compartments. In BANGALORE a man near my house was murdered for a gallon of water because the city reels under water scarcity for most parts of the year. Its the same city that was tagged as Garden City 40 Years back.

Countries by population density (Source: Wikipedia):

But still INDIA celebrates it's overpopulation and hails it as an asset while corruption, scandals and sky high inflation have marred the political and economic landscape of this country. Recent Coal Gate scam which followed the 3G telecom              scam amounts to a whooping INR1,060,000 crore (US$191.86 billion)!! 
This is mind boggling and sends me into a tizzy!
I would say India is a corrupt nation because of its a land of scarcity and wants
which are a byproduct of its overpopulation.

People clambered on every inch of space on a Mumbai Suburban train. 

Common sight in Mumbai.

People bathing in a Mumbai Slum besides a Gutter.

Women from lower strata in Bangalore lined up for free water as one has to shell out Rs. 2000/ $50 per month for water. Bloody fights break out at such sites for water:

Mother Earth simply can't sustain such a massive population. This is exerting tremendous pressure on natural resources from fresh water to food supply, urban infrastructure and the list is endless... Ground water levels have depleted to an all time low which is bound to worsen with ever ballooning population. Overpopulation would breed more poverty and scarcity. This would create a vicious cycle of agony and despair resulting in strife and conflicts. 
A UN report 2 years back indicated direct correlation between rise in starvation and rise in terrorism.Glance at this chilling article.  http://www.cfr.org/africa/failed-states-world-terror/p4733   

 Have a look at the following map of malnourished percentage of people in respective countries to see for yourself the correlation. Malnourished nations are equally politically unstable as well:

To sum up mankind is in dire straits and if urgent measures aren't taken for this population explosion we as a species are doomed. UN report 2070 figures are astounding at 12 Billion and it says then population growth would start stabilizing because of decrease in fertility rates. But in this present scenario do you think we would survive this population mayhem till 2070? You think and decide!

Thanks for your patience going through my piece....

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