Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pathetic Indian performance at the London Olympics.

Pathetic performance of India at the Olympics should serve as a stark reminder of where does India stand in International sports arena! While we rejoice with pride and pomp in India winning Cricket world cup, the world might be pitying us 
at the Olympics. As long as cricket mania doesn't subside amongst Indians, India is bound to score badly in Olympics. 

Olympics are the real barometer to measure sports mettle of a nation not cricket.

‘Cricket’ along with it’s stupid cousin ‘Bollywood(Indian Movie Industry)’ which are staple entertainment of Millions of Indians are indicative of the fact that India as a nation has very poor taste. Cricket is simply “Rubbing a HARD BALL against MALE BALLS before BOWLING” and Bollywood is “An actress running with her BALLS (oops! BOOBS) bouncing before KISSING a jackass actor” AND the crowd spins into EUPHORIA in both cases!

To quote George Bernard Shaw on cricket "Eleven fools are playing and eleven thousand fools are watching (Hundred Eleven Million Fools in case of India!)" How true because in the nation of it's birth (England), it has entirely lost luster but has gained cult following in third world banana republics like ours!!
India is yet to evolve and arrive...

Meanwhile my Waving Salutes to Sushil, Saina, Mary, Gagan and Vijay who have real BALLS to ride against the wave and earn Olympics Pride on their own accord !!!!!!

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