Monday, March 28, 2016

Beware of Pervert Elders

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to vilify elders but to bring awareness in not blindly obliging them just because of their old age. There are undoubtedly few elders who are exceptions to this rule.

Indian elders have always been revered like demi- Gods. Perhaps because such values get inculcated in early childhood or perhaps such cultural norms have existed since time immemorial, nonadherence to which would most likely invite social ostracization. Nonetheless, that’s the way Indian society has always been. Which is just fine.
But I have a problem here. My problem is the rampant abuse of this social credo by these very elders. I am talking about sexual perversion amongst oldies.  There are off course exceptions but rising cases of sexual infatuation in elders for young girls and boys is a cause of alarm which largely remains hushed up and goes unreported. As someone who has always questioned this status quo, I have been cast aside as a lunatic. After all, who would want a rebel whose statements might make people question this age old norm?
pervert elders
But thanks to the internet that I can now safely express myself now. I don’t deny the fact that experience is the best teacher in the University of Life and as one matures he/she tends to gather more of life’s wisdom. This wisdom shared properly might be of tremendous help to young masses who might be flummoxed at the crossroads of life. But let me add a caveat that most humans fail to gather that coveted wisdom.
Since most humans live unconsciously like a herd of cattle, they end up wasting their human existence. All that happens as they age, that they become a bundle of accumulated ignorance, whims and pent up desires.  
 The more their time continues to expire the more desperation breeds inside to satiate their perversion. It might take the form of vulgar jokes with young or angrily lashing out at others and in some extreme cases sexual molestation and even murder.
Following are a few cases to prove my point:
Old man booked for molesting a girl on a flight: Few months back a businessman named  Rabindra Jhunjhunwala of 62 on a flight from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar was reprimanded at Bhubaneswar airport after the flight landed. He had been constantly touching a young girl throughout the 2hr flight seated in his front seat.
Brave girl kept quiet through the ordeal but the moment flight landed,    Sexual molestation Indigo flight
she hit back at the old man while recording it on her mobile and later files a case with the airport police.
Here are the videos shot from her mobile (Worth watching!)  
 Inside the flight 
At airport waiting lounge publicly apologizing for hispervert act 
Here's another appalling case  of a techie from Banagalore who endures sexual abuse from her maternal uncle to educate herself as she was very poor, that the uncle was paying for her education..
Retired army doctor held for chopping wife into 300 pieces. Bound to send tremors down the devil's spine, this story is of Somnath Parida who gets into an affair with a young girl to pep up his boring retired life. The girl later starts blackmailing the doc for money to keep their affair secret from his wife. Later wife suspects something hanky-panky, upon which the butcher doctor slices her into 300 pieces and lives with dismembered parts for days until his arrest.
This high profile case of Anuksha Shankar, daughter of world-renowned Sitar maestro Ravi Shankar disclosed after her father’s death that a close family friend had been molesting her for years as a child. She couldn’t reveal this to anybody because her family trusted him blindly.
Anuksha Shankar
 In yet another case a 82-year-old man rapes a 15 year old girl twice who also happens to be his relative. Unbelievable!!
I can go on and on citing endless stories of elderly sexual perversion that average young human mind can’t comprehend. My blood boils when I see parents forcing kids to trust elders without consideration. 
Even Bollywood actor Aamir Khan in his popular show “Satyameva Jayate(Let truth triumph!)” had also prepared an episode on this topic.
Therefore, we need to safeguard our children from elderly Sexual predators by making them aware, instead of forcing them to blindly oblige everyone.